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Planning a party or an event, whether it’s a fun holiday party or a corporate event, isn’t easy to do alone. That’s why I decided to open Mystic Events.

We help plan amazing events for people who love hosting, but don’t have the time or expertise to hash out the details. 

We make the most important events in our clients’ lives as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

  We’ve learned to be flexible and accommodating to each client’s unique needs and preferences.

We're here to turn your imagination into realization.

Where nothing is cheap but affordable!!

Jada Drake, the owner/ CEO

Meet the Owner

If you asked Jada, "How are you?", Her response is "Blessed", and that's the person that she wants everyone to know!

Born in Atlanta, GA she received her official start in the social event industry over 5 years ago while working for a Marketing Company.
Forever intrigued with events and how creative she could be, she always kept an idea in her head of what she could create to brighten someone's day. 
Impressing all those she came in contact with, her energetic attitude and creative flair for wondrous ideas quickly won over many. Jada is able to orchestrate any event beyond compare. Her exciting personality is contagious and helps clients feel at ease knowing that Mystic Events is on hand to create the event of their dreams!

Meet Our Chefs


Chef Kimani, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, was the executive chef at P.F Chang's, a popular Asian restaurant in Atlanta, GA. Working as a chef for 8+ years, he has crafted an unparalleled ability to create amazing dishes. 


Chef Avery, born and raised in Atlanta, GA, is a rising star in the culinary world. Celebrating the joys of life by utilizing his culinary skills, Chef Avery is continually bringing smiles to the faces of the people that eat his food.

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