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Custom Party Favor Packages

When booking pick your date, theme and the items you want for your order. If you choose chips and would like a specific flavor please note it with your order.


(Wrappers Only)

Pick 2 $60

Pick 3 $90

Pick 4 $120

Pick 5 $150

Pick 6 $180

Pick 7 $210

Pick 8 $235

Pick 9 $250

Pick 10 $265


(Treats Included)

Pick 2 $96

Pick 3 $126

Pick 4 $168

Pick 5 $210

Pick 6 $252

Pick 7 $280

Pick 8 $312

Pick 9 $325

Pick 10 $350

***You receive 12 of each treat***

***Basic Treats and 3D treats cannot be mix and matched. However, you are able to order both types at the prices listed. 

Ex: You can do 'Pick 2 Filled Treats' (Chip Bags & Muffin Bites) for $96 and can also add a 3D pick 1 (Pringles Shaker) for $60. 

Favor Options

  • Chip Bags

  • CapriSuns

  • Fruit Snacks

  • Skittles

  • Starbursts

  • Nutella To-Go

  • Oreos Mini

  • Mini Gatorade

  • Honey Buns

  • Airheads

  • Kit Kats

  • Water Bottles

  • Fruit Roll Ups

  • Rice Krispy Treats

  • Pringles (snack)

  • Pringles (cup)

  • Gushers

  • Snickers

  • Muffin Bites

3D Favor Options

  • Pringles Shaker

  • Mini M&M Boxes

  • Kit Kat Box

  • Coloring book

  • Play Doh Box

  • Nutella To-Go

Customizable Pringle Shakers

Pringle Shaker
starting at $60
(Minimum of 6) 

Customizable Coloring Books

Coloring Books
starting at $30
$5 each
(Minimum of 6) 

Customizable 3-D Kit-Kat Boxes

Kit Kat Boxes
starting at $54
$9 each
(Minimum of 6) 

Customizable 3D Nutella To-Go

Nutella To-Go
starting at $54
$9 each
(Minimum of 6) 

Customizable 3-D Mini-Play Doh Boxes

Play-Doh Boxes
starting at $48
$8 each
(Minimum of 6) 

Customizable  M&M Boxes

Mini M&M Boxes
starting at $60
$10 each
(Minimum of 6) 

** All items will be available for pick-up on the requested date (Local pick-up Only-Atlanta, GA).  All orders placed less then 14-days before your event will receive a $25 rush fee. All orders placed for delivery will be mailed 7-days prior to the event date (rush delivery fees will apply).

  Select the number of treats requested. We can do any theme or any event.  You can leave notes on the checkout page and email any details and inspiration photos to 


*We can customize most items, if your item isn't listed, please feel free to reach out to for a quote! Bulk purchase discount available!


Shipping Policy:

We are not responsible for damages incurred during shipping. Any damage claims would have to be made with the shipping carrier. 

We are not responsible for delays in shipping caused by the carrier. 

All orders are shipped with USPS Priority mail or UPS, a tracking number is always provided once the order ships.



Due to the custom nature of our products, we do not accept returns or cancellations. If your plans change, and you need to change the theme or items in your order, you may do that if your order has not been started yet.

Custom Orders:

When placing an order for custom items provide the date the order is needed. The date needed should not be the date of the event. If the date provided is the same day as the event we are not responsible if your items do not arrive in time for your event. 

For orders of $300+ we will require a contract be signed by the purchaser. 

For orders of $300+ we will require ID and matching credit/debit card to be submitted at our discretion. This is in an effort to combat fraudulent orders. If you would not like to submit your ID and CC, the order can be paid via Zelle. Please email us if you would like to pay via Zelle.



Proof & Approval Policy:


We always send a proof for approval prior to printing an order. Once we send the proof minor changes can be made. For example, spelling mistakes, minor color changes, photo placement, adding or removing small elements of the design, or font choice are minor changes. Major design changes will result in a design fee of $15+. For example, complete theme changes, changing a photo that has already been edited, changing your items, or multiple design changes would be considered major changes. We allow up to 48 hours for approval, once 48 hours has passed the order will be created as is. Please be advised that once an invoice has been paid, you are approving all items listed on that invoice. Please be sure to review the invoice prior to making a payment.


Order Issues:

Please reach out to us via email for any issues with your order. Our goal is to amicably resolve all customer issues. Any fraudulent orders will result in legal action. 


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns with your order.

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